• ARS N9BOR Main Position

    Primary operating position—combines vintage and modern gear. Not shown is the boatanchor AM/CW station with Hammarlund HQ-170 and Multi-Elmac AF-67.
  • ARS N9BOR with KB9YPC

    This photo was taken by a local newspaper for an article on ham radio. Although I rarely operate phone, the reporter wanted a microphone in the picture.My son, Steve, KB9YPC, looks on as I demonstrate my Drake Twins.
  • Field Day K9YA 1A IL

    Operating Field Day from the Boy Scout's Camp Lakota in Woodstock, Illinois. We operated CW only, made a lot of QSOs and had a great time.
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N9BOR QSLA ham since 1980, Mike has experimented with many aspects of amateur radio. However, he keeps coming back to CW. Mike enjoys ragchews, DXing and contesting on HF. He also enjoys collecting boatanchor gear and Morse code instruments.

Mike has earned several operating awards, including DXCC MIXED, DXCC CW, DXCC 20m, FISTS WAS, FISTS Century Club, RCC and A-1 Operator Club.

He is a founding member of the Robert F. Heytow Memorial Radio Club and a volunteer staff member of the K9YA Telegraph—a free, monthly, general interest ham radio eZine read in over 100 countries. Mike has had articles published in the K9YA Telegraph, WorldRadio Magazine and ARRL Web.

His son, Steve, KB9YPC, is also a ham, while his two cats, Scratchy and Pixie, are SWLs and BCB DXers.

Mike's designated driver is a 12BY7A.

Lechyd da!


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