Multi-Elmac PMR-7 Amateur Radio Receiver



1.1 GENERAL. The MULTI-ELMAC PMR-7 RADIO RECEIVER is a ten tube double conversion superheterodyne covering the 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meter amateur bands, plus the standard broadcast band. Designed primarily as an efficient communications receiver for mobile use, it is also especially suitable, because of its small size, for (1) marine and aircraft installations; (2) portable operation; and (3) as a fixed station or monitoring receiver. It is not intended as a converter to accessory to another unit, but a complete receiver, employing a separate power supply and speaker as described in this manual. Every effort has been made to furnish the user with an extremely stable receiver of rugged construction, compact layout, and high sensitivity.

1.2 DIMENSIONS. The maximum external dimensions of the PMR-7 receiver, including the control knobs are: height 4 5/8", width, 7", and depth, 11 1/2". The depth behind the panel is 9 7/8". The net weight of the receiver is 8 1/2 pounds.


The ESS-3 "S" Meter is an accessory external 0 - 1 milliampere meter calibrated in "S" units for use with the Multi-Elmac PMR-7 receivers.