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Crystal Suppliers Recommended by Bill Frost

B D Crystals
1438 Cox Avenue
Erlanger, Ky. 41018
Phone 606-283-5000

Velco Electric, Inc.
611 Wangum Road
Fishers, NY 14453
Phone: 716-924-2073
Fax: 716-924-2136


Other Drake Information 

Drake User's Net - Tuesday nights, 2000 EST 3865 kHz; technical net on Sunday 2000 EST 7238 kHz 


Drake Cabinet Paint

For those who are interested in original Drake paint. That is a true baked powder coat finish, two part system and much more durable than a spray can job. The place to call is Hartzell Mfg. in Miamisburg, OH at 513-859-5955. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. They can repaint your cabinets to like new condx.

73, Bruce WC1E


6JB6 Matching Procedure

I received numerous requests for Bill Frost's description of a procedure to match the 6JB6 finals in 4-line equipment. Rather than send to many individuals, I think the interest is high enough to share the procedure with everyone. It is brief. By the way, I am told by others that Sylvania 6JB6's don't require matching because of their quality.

73, Wayne, KG5BI


Dear Wayne,

Thanks for the e-mail. The 6JB6 tubes were matched on cathode
current. A fixture was designed and built by the Engineering Dept. that
kept the operating voltages constant while measuring the cathode
current. A similiar test can be preformed by using the T-4X or TR-4 as
the test fixture.

1. Turn unit off and disconnect power supply. Place the unit upside
down and remove the bottom cover. Re-connect power supply.

2. Key the transmitter, with the transmitter gain control at minimum (the
transmitter should only be drawing idle current).

3. Measure the voltage at pin 3 of each final tube. The voltage should be
within .1 or .2 volts to be "matched". Substitute tubes and re-measure
until all tubes are "matched."


Bill Frost
R.L. Drake Service Manager


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