• Hensley Paddles

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    Hensley Paddles were made by Donald Hensley, AC4HB, until March 2002.


    • Solid Brass Construction
    • 24k Gold Contact Surface
    • Beautiful Chrome Finish
    • Shielded Roller Bearing Pivot
    • Non-Skid/Non-Marking Pad
    • Cord and Plug Included
    • Stainless Steel Screws
    • Quality Craftsmanship
    • Adjustable Tension Magnetic Return
    • Cord Strain Relief
    • 3 lb. Total Weight
    • Lifetime Free Repair
    • Limited Production with Serial Numbers
    • Designed and Built for Close Spacing and High Speed

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  • The Art & Skill of Radio-Telegraphy

    By William G. Pierpont, N0HFF (SK)

    A Manual for learning, using, mastering and enjoying the International Morse code as a Means of Communication.

     The Art & Skill of Radio-Telegraphy (3rd edition)  artskillcvr4 artskillcvr5

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    3rd Edition (PDF)

    4th Edition
    (no longer available)

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    5th Edition (perfect-bound)


    For those who are interested in telegraphy, for those who would like to learn it, for those who love it and for those who want to improve their skills in it. 

    Note: The 5th Revised Edition contains additional material not found in any other version. It also contains numerous pictures and original art. The book is sold without profit by The Robert F. Heytow Memorial Radio Club/K9YA Telegraph.

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