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Ida Crown Amateur Radio Club is licensed by the FCC as KD9EUS. The club operates its own amateur radio station capable of worldwide communications. We offer training, so students can earn their own license. We will also provide hands-on activities to enhance learned radio/electronics concepts and to make it a fun experience. For many, amateur radio offers a lifelong hobby and a vehicle for unlimited learning.

Mike Dinelli, N9BOR



Reading Assignments

Dave Newman, NE9H, with studentBook - The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual, 5th Edition, Technician (ISBN: 978-1-62595-155-7)
The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual will guide you as you get started in the hobby–as you select your equipment, set-up your first station, and make your first contact. Use this book to study for the 35-question Technician Class license exam. Includes the entire question pool with answer key, for use July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2026. 

  • For Nov. 28, 2023 - Read Chapters 1 and 2. Learn the International Phoenetic Alphabet (handout).
  • Read Chapter 4
  • Read Chapter 5
  • Read Chapter 6
  • Read Chapter 7
  • Read Chapter 8
  • Read Chapter 9 


Exam Practice










ICJA Ham Radio Shack - located inside room 410Links


Morse Code


3/15/22 - Yitzhack's first ever QSO (with S57DX, Slovenia)Operating Events




International Phoenetic Alphabet

NATO Phonetic Alphabet Chart 










Simplex vs. Repeaters

Simplex vs. Repeaters















Club WebsiteKD9EUS - Yagi tri-bander located on the room of ICJA